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Spring 2022 Destination & Experience Edition

Treetops Resort |Northern Michigan
Gaylord | United States

Ticino | Switzerland

A Perfect Blend of Cultures
By Paul Knowles

The waiter presented me with a menu. Not surprisingly, this being Switzerland, each item was described in several languages. I looked up at him: “Do you speak English?” I asked. “Yes,” he said with a big smile. That, too, should not have been a surprise – Switzerland is a country with four official languages – French, German, Italian, and Romansh (the rarest of the four, but still a living language) – ... continue

Laurier House| Ottawa
Ontario | Canada

“Anyone who loves history, loves this place”
Words and Photos By Paul Knowles

We are living in an era where historical figures are under heavy fire. People from the past – especially political leaders – are being demonized, with their ashes swept under the carpet of political correctness ... continue

| Netherlands

Full steam back into history

By Paul Knowles

I’m going to set the bar very high: the Hoorn Steamtram excursion is one of the finest day trips I have ever experienced, anywhere. You get hands-on with history from a multitude of perspectives – riding in an authentic heritage railway car pulled by a historic steam tram; visiting not one but two museums, one a living village filled with costumed ... continue

Cornwall | United Kingdom

The wonders of the west country

Written and Photographed By Paul Knowles

It can be argued that “unique” is a vastly over-worked word. It doesn’t just mean “special” or “significant,” “unique” truly denotes something that is one of a kind. The only one. And with that clear understanding, I can nonetheless confidently write the phrase, “Québec City is unique.” ... continue

Red Carnation |

A valuable lesson from the Red Carnation hotels


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